Sunday, November 18, 2007

Baby Bump.

Here's a picture of Jill-"Showing." Quite exciting.

Here's me--"practicing" with Daisy.
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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Family Time

My parents were here this weekend--which was great. But since it wasn't the first time, and since we didn't really see much new (other than a good Vietnamese Restaurant), I didn't take any pictures. Oops.

However, my brother (Micah), his wife (Shannon), and their kids (Caleb, Joya, and Stephen) came out a few weekends ago. It was their first time out since we've lived here, and we had a great time. They managed to fit in a rather impressive amount of activities in their blitzkrieg tour of Denver. They:

  • Went to the museum where Jill works (Denver Museum of Nature and Science)
  • Spent time on the 16th Street Mall
  • Made friends with Daisy
  • Toured the Coors Brewery (where they make a depressing 1.5 million gallons of beer a day. Oh, and 14 million aluminium cans).
  • Stopped by Buffalo Bill's grave
  • Saw Buffalo Bill's herd
  • Went to church (twice)
  • Hiked at Three Sisters near Evergreen
  • Toured the Denver Mint
  • Visited Rocky Mountain National Park
  • Visited a mechanic in Estes park (this was not a part of the plan, but Micah's van window was not cooperating)
  • Ate at KFC (while previously mentioned mechanic worked his wonders)

Not bad for three and a half days! Here are the pics*

*If you're viewing this via Facebook, you'll have to click the "see original post" link to see the pictures.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Computer Geek?

I'm realizing today I may very well be a computer geek--or at least an aspiring one. I don't necessarily consider this a bad thing as long as it doesn't get too out of control In fact, I've attempted to be a computer geek before. It happened in 1995 or so, when I went to Radio Shack spent my heard earned money on an IBM Aptiva--a computer with a whopping 100mb of memory and a 166 mhz (or so?) hard drive.

It didn't really take then. But several interrelated factors have led me to believe that I may be further down the path now.

First, there is the existence of this blog. In some ways, it has nothing to do with the computer. It has more to do finding a diversion and trying to connect with folks I've lost contact with. Yet, since I started blogging a half a year ago, I find myself spending more of my free time in the interweb--both writing, sorting pictures, and fiddlin' with things. And I'll admit, I like it.

Second, there's the fact that I recently signed up for a facebook account. Again, this is partially out of a desire to get connected with folks (there's a theme here). But I also like the fiddlin'. And by the way, the 65 confirmed "friends" I have there suggest that I'm moderately popular, at best. I'm no where near a certain "Riets", who is rapidly approaching a whopping 300.

Third, I find myself frustrated when I can't get an Internet connection at home. As in: swear-under-my-breath-and-say-lots-of-things-pastors-shouldn't type frustrated. This is rather pathetic, I realize. After all, I do have a good book (or two) to read. But regardless, I'm actually thinking about shelling out the cash so that we can get our own service at home.

Finally, I've found myself coveting (yes, I know that's a sin) a new computer for our home use (currently I tote my church lap top back and forth). And not just any computer, but an imac. I've always wanted one--just so I could be like the cool kids. But today, I actually took the time to watch a video tour of the new operating system ("Leopard", grrrr) and was convicted that they really are better. Much, much better. (And soon, when the tour of "ilife" gets downloaded to my humble PC, I'm sure the case will be made again.) I may even be starting to believe that my life will be better if I attain this wonderful piece of technology.* Ooooh, the websites, the photos, the filing systems, the music, the video conferencing. Someday, it will be mine. Oh yes, it will be mine.**

PS: If you like to read a lot of blogs,"Google Reader" is the greatest thing since bagels .

* That reminds me of something Anne Lamott once wrote. After lamenting with her friend that her friend's husband, Eddie, blew their vacation money on an air conditioner, Lamott confesses: “…I wanted air, too, and believed that if I had it, my house would be perfect. I’ll go to my grave convinced that you can find happiness out there, somewhere, with the right someone or good financing. If you could just get things to line up properly, you could relax, learn to experience life in all its immediacy, reconnect with who you really are, with the soul or spirit, the divine whatchacallit deep inside that sparks when it hears certain music./// We’re not stupid, Eddie and I. We are Americans.”
**That's a Wayne's World reference, in case you missed it.

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Amusing (to me)

Jill and I have had a great time telling folks our big news. Generally, the reactions have been quiet satisfactory (though I'm not sure why people say things like "Well, I wondered..."). However, some deserve to be recorded for the ages.

Like tonight. We had a group of folks from church over for supper--including Andy and Ruth. I really love Andy and Ruth. I'm not sure how best to describe them other than to say they're very sharp--and at least a bit eccentric.

Okay, I'll try to do better.

Andy is 89--tomorrow. He made sure to slide into conversation that it's his birthday November 4. Because he loves holidays--when it was their 65th Anniversary this year and we announced it at a church potluck, he pumped his fist in the air and whooped for joy. They dress up for Halloween (Andy as a convict, Ruth following some sort of Hawaiin theme). In their house they have miniature sphinxes and pyramids--just because they think they're interesting. They're always at the front of the line at church potlucks. Andy wears string ties (Lanyards?) and a belt with his name on it. He calls me "short stuff" (and I call him "Young Man.") Forty years ago, Andy and another guy from church took their teenage sons to Mexico--and had them ride in the back of the pickup the whole way to Mexico city. Tonight, he teared up as he told us about his trip to Israel--and the way his athlete's foot was cured after he waded into the Jordan with his Sunday shoes on.

Okay, they really are hard to describe.

Anyway, tonight we announced to Andy and Ruth that we're expecting. Andy's reply was classic. "Well, what do you expect? That's what happens when people get together....happens all the time!" (They have six kids.)


Also good was the response of my niece, Emily. We didn't actually tell Emily ourselves. My sister, Leah, broke the news. "Joel and Jill called last night," she said. "And they had some exciting news. What is the most exciting thing that could happen at Joel and Jill's house?" Emily didn't need to think about that one. "Daisy is having puppies?!"

Well, that would be exciting...