Friday, March 6, 2009

Friday Photos

Yep. Been a while. Three things on the agenda today.
First the pics:

Cups/glasses have long been a favorite toy.

First trip to the litterbox, er, sandbox at the park this week.

He can apparently sit up on his own. Too bad he hasn't learned how to lay down properly yet. (Thankfully, somewhere in his genetic pool is a rubber neck.)
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Second, the Adrian Updates:
  • No crawling yet (which is fine with me--that sounds like a lot of work.) However, he is definitely getting up on his hands/knees and rocking.
  • Cheerios are apparently his new favorite food (after that one thing...). And bread--he's like Daisy that way.
  • Teeth! Two, in fact. We're thankful that there has been some apparent reason for the (slightly) fussy nature he's had on occasion as of late.

Finally, the obligatory half-hearted promise:

One of these days I'll post something more than a picture of my son. Maybe a video of my son?

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